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Who The Hell Am I?

They say that being in your fifties is a great stage of your life and is the new '40' but hell no!! Not when you have raging hormones and thrusted into the menopause and can't decide whether you need a warm jumper or short sleeves because of the constant change in your internal thermometer; the laying awake for long periods of the night because you have the duvet on one minute and off the next, constantly turning the pillow over and over desperate to feel the coolness on your face and neck; you can't seem to sleep and you think you've only managed 3 or 4 hours in total; the unrecognisable bursts of anger that seem to explode from nowhere like a volcano that's laid dormant for years but suddenly erupts without warning and everyone's running for fear of their lives; and then there's that moment each morning when you're looking in your mirror and asking yourself "who the hell am I?" You just don't recognise who you've become; this total 360 as if that person whom you were so familiar with, who was smiley and happy, who had a lust for life has now been replaced with someone who is so just.......not you.

If you are struggling with your identity and with navigating a new period of your life and need someone to talk to, or need life coaching, then reach out and contact me.

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