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Treatments & Services

Reaching out for assistance and direction shows immense bravery. At Concept Therapies, we aspire to be a pillar of support for you, aiding in your journey to regain balance. As a trained professional I specialise in helping individuals overcome challenges and improve their mental health. I offer a wide range of therapy services to cater to your unique needs. Let me be a part of your journey to wellness.


Comfortable Environment

I am based in the beautiful and historic village of Thorney, Peterborough and have a purpose-built therapy room in my garden. I have created a confidential, calming and relaxing place for you to be yourself.


I am a qualified psychotherapist who practices as an integrative therapist which means that I use a range of elements from different approaches and theories to tailor sessions specifically to your needs.  I am trained in working with individuals who have experienced childhood sexual abuse trauma, bereavement, menopause, and a wide range of mental health conditions such as PTSD, depression and anxiety, in addition to many other issues and conditions. I am also DBS qualified to work with children and young people.

Concessions are available on block bookings of 6 or more sessions.

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Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy for children, young people and adults, and is a great medium for expression and communication of addressing complex and confusing emotional issues which often can’t be conveyed in words. 

I also offer small group mosaic workshops which can be done individually or with family and friends. This form of art therapy aids mindfulness, promotes  and is a great outlet for those who need to escape their daily routine. Please contact me to enquire about dates and costs.

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Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy which takes a client into a deep state of relaxation called hypnosis. Within the trance state, the therapist speaks to your subconscious mind and helps the individual to navigate inwardly to discover their own resources to achieve a desired behavioural change or manage their physical symptoms. Hypnotherapy can treat a wide range of conditions such as phobias, pain, anxiety, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia etc in addition to helping to change habits such as smoking, drinking, weight-loss and self-defeating behaviours etc. For hypnosis to work effectively, you must want to make the change.

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